Instant High Gloss Shine With UV Surface Finishing

Are your beautiful products and finished furniture suffering due to sub-par finishes?

Traditional Surface Finishing Methods result in :

High overheads charged by expert craftsmen for finishing

dull surface Surface shine that goes dull over time?

long dry Long drying time costing you production hours?

toxic removeToxic volatile compounds used while curing that pose a hazard to health?


Conventionally cured High gloss surface finish is expensive and takes a long time to dry. Time lost in waiting is time lost in potential sales and production

uv finish

Ultraviolet coating is leaps and bounds ahead of traditional finishing methods . UV coating makes your finished piece eye catching and extremely durable while cutting the curing time down to mere seconds

kitchen surface finishing

Our UV Surface Finishing System dries your shiny/matt finish in seconds! It’s great for doors and furniture manufacturers alike for anything that needs high gloss shine without hours and hours of waiting around. The process is automated, requires no man power and the product is ready instantly!


With UV Finishing you get


Very High Shine Finish

Achieve mirror-like finish in minutes, which is impossible to get in traditional PU finishing. Conventional high gloss finish requires a huge amount of time, the input of expert craftsmen to execute, and 6 to 7 layers of coat to achieve. UV Finishing delivers considerably higher quality results without any human interference, that too in a matter of seconds!


Abrasion Resistance

 You don’t have to worry about your products getting scuffed or marred anymore. UV Finishing offers an amazing abrasion and scuff resistance on all surfaces. It not only improves the look of your product, but it also keeps them looking as good as new for years down the line with a pleasant shiny-finish


High Clarity

The UV coatings that are applied can really make the details stand out. This is especially true for high margin designer products and furniture; these items would be best displayed in a room with plenty of natural light to see them at their finest.

dry icon

Instantaneous Drying

By drying so quickly, the use of UV coating helps reduce production time. This cuts down on costs and timelines while simultaneously improving customer service because it enables earlier shipping and delivery times for those in need.


Environmentally Friendly

UV coatings are free of solvents and do not emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs when cured.

Why Fusion Group?


Fusion Group is on a mission to provide the most innovative and cost-effective finishing solutions for our customers.

We have access to cutting-edge technology that renders your time-consuming traditional methods obsolete, saving you money and reducing defects in fabrications, all the while providing incredible results in a matter of seconds!

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