About Us

Fusion group came into existence with the vision of providing cutting edge finishing solutions for maximum profitability, without breaking the bank. We possess access to the latest technologies in surface finishing that are exponentially more efficient than the traditional methods. Reduce your finishing time from 3 days to one minute. Witness remarkable increase in finishing quality. That’s the power of our generation’s bleeding edge machinery.

We pride ourselves on not only having this access to the latest technologies, but also for possessing highly qualified and knowledgeable resources, each, the master of their own field, determined to help you overcome any challenges you might face along production or execution. We stay by your side till the end, be it to provide technical support or just for resolving the smallest of ambiguities. Increase productivity and quality of finish while drastically reducing execution time. Maximize Return on Investment by adding innovation to your manufacturing process.

Why Fusion Group India

Latest Technology for Hassle-Free Manufacturing

Fusion is on a mission to bring Global Technologies, Machines & Raw material to India for Furniture & Panel Industry to make the simple process for finishing of various substrates, Various Industry (manufacturer) can make new products from there existing raw material to increase there profitability. We are bringing the technology which can complete the process of finishing on wood from 3 days to 1 minute. We help to manufacture plants to increase production capacity, quality of finishing & add innovation in the manufacturing process.

Our Goal is to provide consultancy in process & applications to make the finishing simplified.

What we build on: our values


To constantly evolve by training self and the industry in new technologies and processes. Upgrading skills to make the industry less labour intensive and time consuming, offer ease of work, optimal utilization of resources and customized solutions.


To serve the Indian surface finishing industry by bringing in global leaders that offer the latest technologies.

The Consultancy Team

Amitabh Bhattacharya

Amitabh Bhattacharya did his mechanical engineering in the year 1985 and brings to the table his passion for machines…

Amit Arora

Amit Arora has an experience of more than two and a half decades in the doors and panel industry. His strength lies in developing…

Venkat Sastry

Venkat Sastry is a Civil Engineer by qualification and has been in the wood/Panel industries in various roles, applications of the product…

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