Sanding hand Tools

Sanding Hand Tools are meant for profile surface where most of the people do the raw sanding and paint sealer sanding manually, which give hassle & time taken to complete the job. These profile hand tools are hassle free as it is pneumatic power machine so no electrical motor is fitted and it’s drive only with airpower, therefore, it’s almost maintenance free equipment.

Remember, always sand with the grain of the wood, not against. The special features of this machine, once the paper has been exhausted it can be easily changed. These power tools are preferred for profile sanding, the speed of wheel control by airflow valve or hand lever. Don’t press hard on the substrate; the down-side to a profile sander is press up to the limit of the brush touch the substrate.

Types of Hand Tools

There are three types of Hand Tools which are given below:

Horizontal Tool

Vertical Tool

Niddle Type Tool

1Horizontal Tool

Use for a geometrical pattern where right angle grove or profile should not be there.

For example:

This tools generally used in a panel door and window shutters where rail and stail are there. Photographs attached.

2 Vertical Tool

Use for ornamental curving on any substrate and all crust portion must have 2mm dia radius.

For example:

This tools generally used in ornamental carving on any wooden surfaces. Photographs enclosed.

3 Niddle Type Tool

Use in a curving where the single anvil cutter used to make curving.

For example:

This niddle type Hand Tools generally used where CNC carving single head reamer tools photographs enclosed.


Above machines will not do the sanding on sharp edge profile

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