Pre-Finished Door & Door Frames Manufacturers

Finish Veneer doors & door frames/ Solid wood doors & door frames


  • Scalability & not being able to deliver projects on time is a huge challenge due to the time consuming process in polishing.
  • Achieving a consistent quality is a big challenge as everything depends on skilled manpower. Scarcity of skilled manpower.
  • To finish the surface at a cost effective budget is a big challenge.
  • In Polishing/ painting processes, wood sanding & Sealers consume a lot of time & effort.
  • Manufacturers are not aware of the new technologies which can reduce polishing times on doors from 3 days to one min or one day.
  • Staining on Veneers or wood is a challenge for companies who wish to scale up their Production. It consumes a lot of time & expertise to stain & dry when the production is high.
  • Thickness variation found indoors at the time of polishing. If we need a high quality finishing effect on the surface of the door, it becomes essential to have Calibrated doors.
  • In the grove/profile doors, considerable time is consumed in sanding inside the Groves or on the carving areas.
  • Due to competition, Profit margins get narrowed.


  • We have roller coaters by which paint polishing materials can be applied by the roller coater automatically, & coatings can dry in less than one minute! .We design a special 3D machine for Indian Door manufacturers who wish to finish Sealer on 100-200 doors per day & door frames in assembled shape.
  • We designed this completely automatic piece of machinery capable of finishing Modular Door frames & doors at consistent quality.
  • We offer the process through which manufacturers can achieve scalability & reduce the lead time to finish door sets from 3 days to one day by saving money spent on raw material used for polishing.
  • We have automatic Sanding machines which can carry out sanding on flat surfaces, as well as on the profile surfaces of doors.
  • We possess subject expert with us. We don’t only sell these machines, but handhold our customers till the end. We help the manufacturers to set up the QC lab too so that production teams of manufacturers can have.
  • We possess automatic machines through which staining can be done & drying is online. No need to wait for the stain to dry.
  • We have machines that can carry our colour calibration on the doors.
  • We have Budget price Sanding Hand tools which can do sanding even on Profile/grove areas.
  • We offer Digital Print machines which can do any and all kinds of Customization on the surfaces of doors.

Machines we offer for the Door Industry who need to do polish/ Paint on surfaces

3d UV dryer & roller coaters

Digital printing machines to customized the surfaces

Spray tech machine

Rainspray 2D automatic spray machine

Profile surface sanding machine

Profile edge sanding machine

Pneumatic hand profile sanding machine

Hand sanding tables

Dry booth with door flip mechanism system

Membrane Door

Challenge & Solution for membrane Door Industry

To sand the carved wood surface before applying PVC foils on Membrane doors is a big challenge since it involves a lot of Manpower & effort. We offer a couple of solutions for the membrane door manufacturers. We possess automatic machines for this application for manufacturers who are looking for mass Production & hand tools for small production units.

Hand tools

Rainspray 2D automatic spray machine

Laminated Doors & Door Frames

Challenge & Solution for Laminated Door & door frame Industry

  • To match the door frame surface with the Laminated doors is a Big Headache for manufacturers as you can’t wrap the Laminate on door frames due to its brittleness. So in the end customers either try to apply a matching polish on the door frames or try to cover the frame with laminated plywood construction which is time consuming & expensive.
  • Customization of surfaces for Smaller MOQ is not available in India. To customize the foils in designs, colors & wood grain patterns for door manufacturers, most of the International companies needed very big MOQ. For Door manufacturers, it is very critical to get the smaller MOQ since they have to get the finish of the sample apartments approved in various Projects. CPI has the advantage of customizing the design, color & wood grain even for 1000 Sq Mt. This service is not available with any other company in the world.


  • In light of this problem, Fusion has offered the solution of matching Melamine foils Flexible foil & Flexi Laminates ( FX Series & FL series ). Both the foils are flexible enough to wrap with Profile wrapping machines, solving the Problem of the manufacturer, thereby getting the same effect like doors, that too with very good abrasion quality of foils due to Melamine Impregnations.
  • FUSION offers smaller MOQ & Customization which results in higher Profit for door Manufacturers.

Paper laminated Doors & Resin Coated Doors

Challenge & Solution

To manufacture high gloss surface finish doors with less manpower that too with scalability is a big challenge for this segment. Manufacturers use traditional ways of manufacturing by using Epoxy coatings via manual Screens & after every coat, it requires time to Dry. Too much skilled manpower is necessary to make this product, that too with a lot of space.


We are providing Machines via which manufacturer can do high gloss in less than one min. Typically a plant which is using 50 workers to produce 100 doors now reduces labour to just 5 workers with our solution, that too in minutes.

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