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Melamine Coating


Absolute flexibility even in the largest thicknesses

Flexiform is a melaminic coating that combines high flexibility with surface resistance. It is applicable for the covering of flat surfaces and profiles, for the most diverse substrates: MDF, MDP, solid wood, metallic profiles, plastic profiles and WPC (wood plastic composite). It is an economical post impregnated product that has levels of abrasion resistance not achieved by other products in its category


Low cost solution for coating MDF profiles for furniture

Most economical solution for covering material, produced from pre-impregnated paper, mainly aimed at the production of profiles for economical furniture, always with a perfect match with the panels

Primerfoil (FP)

The smartest way to prepare the wooden substrate for painting

The Primer Foil product is the ideal solution when it is necessary to prepare the substrate for high quality painting. It is a melaminic coating available in different thicknesses (from 0.12mm to 0.3mm) that can be used both for covering profiles and for flat surfaces, it is applied to all types of substrates used in the furniture and door industry. A quick, practical and economical preparation of the profile for the subsequent application of paint, eliminating all the laborious process of preparing the substrate to receive the finish.


Unique combination of strength and flexibility

Specially developed to meet the needs of door manufacturers; it combines the best properties of different materials (CPL, PVC, FinishFoil) in a single product. It can be used for the production of the complete KIT (doors and profiles) or only for covering the profiles.


High abrasion resistance with flexibility for coating floor profiles

The Flexiwalk product combines excellent flexibility with high abrasion resistance, making it the best option for coating laminate flooring accessories. In addition to this property, it is possible to obtain an excellent match with the floor and baseboards.


Tailored balance

Products developed according to the customer’s needs that cover furniture panels with finish foil, wood veneer, CPL, HPL, and need a technically effective and economical solution for the bottom of the product (backer)


Perfect finish of the furniture even with manual application

Several parts of the world, small furniture manufacturers, joiners and end users need a solution for the edges that allows manual application, without sophisticated equipment, which results in a perfect finish. The pre-glued melamine edges meet this need with a collection of patterns with impressive design, color and surface fidelity with high-pressure melamine or laminated panels (HPL).

Melamine EdgeBanding

Solution for different substrates and types of edges

Economical solution for the production of furniture and doors in scale with Perfect color match. Finishing with raised structure like melamine panels. Surface resistance according to the most rigorous standards.


Furniture Industry

Melamine edge products

All application types

  • Straight edges
  • SOFT edges
  • Non visible edges
  • Painted edges
PreGlued edge products
  • Manual application, usually in woodworking
PVC edges products
  • Custom furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Woodworking
FlexForma and Flexilam products
  • Production of profiles, doors and other components
Balance Foil products
  • Counterbalance in the process of laminating panels with wood veneers, FinishFoil, high pressure laminate and other materials

Doors Industry

FlexForma and Flexilam products
  • Door surface coating with melamine naturalness and resistance
  • Covering profiles with perfect match with the doors
Melamine and T-shape edges products
  • Door edge finishing with the sophisticated T-shape system (FALZ)
PVC edges products
  • Door edge finish for greater impact resistance

Laminated Flooring Industry

Flexiform products
  • Skirting board with perfect match with the floor
FlexWalk products
  • Coating of accessories requiring high traffic resistance (T profile, etc.)

Lining and Wall Covering Industry

FlexForma and Flexilam products
  • Flat lamination on panels for lining and partitions
  • Covering of PVC, WPC, MDF profiles for ceilings and wainscoting

About CPI Brazil

#2nd world ranking in melamine edges

We were one of the very first companies to produce melamine edges in the world, we master the best technology and our product lines cover the widest range of applications.

Absolute leader in Latin America

We are the leading company in Latin America in melamine edges and coatings.

Half a billion meters per year

We are grand in what we do and in our business, size matters a lot. We produce more than half a billion meters of edge tape per year – and we continue to grow above and beyond.

20,000m² of factory

To support this entire operation, we are installed in two separate plants: one for the production of melamine edge and coating tape and another for the production of Tegus PVC Tapes.

4 continents from the most demanding markets to the most competitive markets

We operate on a global scale, but more than that, we are able to serve from the most technically demanding markets, such as the USA and Europe, to the most competitive, such as India and China. This says a lot about our determination and our potential to adapt to different environments and cultures.

Expertise in the key areas makes us so strong: Printing | Impregnation | Extrusion | Surface treatment | Adhesives

These are the areas where our technical knowledge and experience accumulated over 40 years make a difference. The combination of mastery of these competencies allows us to develop, produce and deliver world class products with agility and security for the different applications of our customers.

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