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Following solution Fusion recommends under New Products for Furniture & Door Industry

Digital Printing Machines

To Customize the surface for Furniture & doors is the most Lucrative offering which Fusion is offering via Digital Printing Machines. Customers want to have their choice or imagination fit into their furniture or in kitchen surfaces. For any manufacturer to increase his profit it becomes very essential to customized the demand of customers. Yes, it is possible now on any kind of substrate- Wood, WPC, PVC, Plywood, MDF, HDF or PrelamSurface.

Prime Melamine Paper

To make the base or to fill the surface on any wood substrate before doing any kind of Pigmented top coat is must whether it is painted furniture or door sets. Fusion is offering Primer Melamine paper in white color from Brazil which saves lot of manual work to make the base during the painting process on wood substrate.

Flexible Melamine Paper

Flexible foils series is being introduced in India from Brazil for the door industry. Door manufacturers can now match their door surface with the door frames. For more info kindly click the link here

Texture machines for White Primer Doors

Door manufacturers can embossed Oak design or customized texture on the HDF surface doors. Such embossing give lot of aesthetic value to the door surfaces.

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