Laminate Industry / MDF & Prelam Panels

Fusion committed to its mission to bring Global Technologies in surfaces to bring in India has now Introduced EXCIMER Technology Machines by which a laminate (HPL) manufacturer can have Anti finger Print, Anti Scratch & super matt finish on any kind of Laminated surface.

What is EXCIMER Technology ?

In this innovative method, the liquid UV-curing excimer coating applied in the rolling process is irradiated with short-wave UV light (172 nm) in the absence of oxygen. This leads to superficial polymerization, which causes volume shrinkage, which in turn manifests itself in surface folds of varying degrees. This deformed “skin” leads to a diffuse reflection of light, which we perceive as a matt effect.


  • Dull matt gloss levels without matting agent (gloss levels from 3 to 20).
  • Extremely scratch and abrasion resistant coated surfaces.
  • Increased surface hardness.
  • Outstanding chemical resistance.
  • Soft touch effect.
  • Anti-fingerprint effect.
  • Perfect reproducibility.
  • Pleasant feel.

Improves efficiency in the coating process, optimises series production, saves time and costs

High gloss mirror finish technology on Prelam Surfaces

Convert your Prelam Surfaces into mirror finish surface by the Curtain coater Technology. Fusion has completed 2 Prestigious Projects in India in Panel

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