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Modular Furniture

We are providing in this segment three aspects by considering that speedy solution and less labor more quality oriented of products.

In this segment we supplied the following machine and raw material.

  • Manual spray booth, pressurize dust proof room and flash off a room.
  • Rain spray 2D automatic spray machine.
  • Automatic UV Roller coater line for polishing.
  • Wide belt sanding machine.
  • Profile surface sanding machine.
  • Profile edge sanding machine.
  • Pneumatic Hand Profile sanding machine.
  • Curtain coater line for a high gloss.

How you can use the above application to speed up your production:

The people who are doing solvent base paint on the surface of raw plywood or MDF so surface preparedness they use solvent sealer which needs 3 to 4 hour then they are able to use top coat so to minimize the base preparation with water base putty & primer the curing time reduce 80% by the help of IR oven and within 3 minutes your base coat on MDF and plywood can cure and after sanding ready for a solvent based top coat.

Solid Wood Assembled Furniture

Manual spray booth, pressurize dust proof room and flash off room

Rain spray 2D automatic spray machine

Automatic UV roller coater line for polishing

Wide belt sanding machine

Profile surface sanding machine

Profile edge sanding machine

Pneumatic Hand Profile sanding machine

UV automatic spray line

Robotic spray booth (for Assemble furniture like table chair


We are providing combo solution to minimize the labor in paint shop after evaluation of your site.

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