Pre-Finished Door & Door Frames Manufacturers

Membrane Door

Membrane doors we are providing surface profile sander which easily sand the curving area in a minutes if customer has low budget than they can use our profile hand tools or if you are having big production line then go for our MSS profile sanding machine which can sand raw surface of the substrate as well as sealer sanding easily.

Laminated Doors

Laminated door manufacturer can use our CPI Tagus paper in door frame &architrave. You can get as per the laminated shade also which you have applied on the door this paper we supplied as per special request of customers.

Paper laminated Doors & Resin Coated Doors

We are providing high gloss on paper laminated doors through UV roller coater line or curtain coater.

If you need to decrease your UV paint cost for high gloss without compromise the quality then Add our new technology Inert machine in your UV line which reduces your high gloss raw material cost and durability also more.

Veneer Flush Doors

We are having UV line machine to do the staining on the veneer, Brushing machine which give deep stain texture on the veneer surface and automatic spray coating line like sparytech ,rainy spary,or Uv roller coater line.

UV Line for veneer

Rain Spray

Value Addition for Flush Doors for Painted Doors

We provide Water base white primer to make the base of HDF /MDF flush door. There is a two quality one you can use by roller coater and another is by spray, You can apply this primer through the automatic system also.

Solid Wood Doors Frame & Door Shutter

Solid wood doors we can provide you surface profile sanding machine to do raw sanding and sealer sanding within a minute time. As well as spray booth with flash off room

Profile sanding machine

Manual Booth

We are proving automatic special type spray machine like spray tech and rainy spray machine.

Rain Spray

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