Wet Booth

Open type wet booth with water cleaner also available.

Eco friendly with water cleaning scraper also available.
  • Powerful Suction Blower ensures complete removal of Over Spray
  • SS Curtain ensure Uniform flow of Water Ease of operation & cleaning with Baffles
  • Wet Spray Booth constructed with side draft water curtain filter installed with one powerful suction blowers of 10 HP. These water filters Arrest the fumes in the suction area. The overspray deposited due to suction on the water curtain. The contaminated water with paint fumes is collected in the Water Tank installed below the spray area of Booth. This water can be collected & purified for recycling if required.
Machine working area 4100mm (L) 1250mm (D) 2800mm (H) 3200mm
Exhaust volume 8300 CFM
Tank Capacity 1500 Ltrs
Water Curtain construction SS 304